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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:


"Haha!" the boy laughed, taking his Poke Ball from his pocket. "You should prepare to eat your words!"

He hurtled the ball onto the ground to reveal his Pokemon. The Tiny Bird Pokemon flapped around on the floor, eager and raring to go.

"Pidg, Pidg!"


You must select one move to attack the foe with. Your success in battle will depend on the move you pick. You do not need to describe the attack.

Youngster Gary would like to battle!
~Sending out Pidgey

Youngster Gary sent out Pidgey!
"Pidgey, use a Wing Attack on that Skorupi!"
Zetsu smirked at the trainer, then tossed his ball to the ground.

"Come out and fight, Skorupi!"


Zetsu saw the Pidgey fly into the air and ready it's Wing Attack and thought of a move to counter with.

"Skorupi! Counter with Poison Fang!"

Skorupi leaps up at Pidgey to intercept and bite Pidgey.
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