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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: JC
Currently: On Route 1 Talking to PJ
In party:


JC pauses to see what PJ is going to do. After PJ sends in his Makuhita to move first. The Mincinno break apart going in two different directions. Chimchar stands to go after them but stops when Pidgey flapping its wings.

JC smiles.
"Yes of course you can battle this time."

JC and Chimchar follow Pidgey who flies up. Areo flaps its wings dodging in and out. The Mincinno is fast. Moving quickly through the trees. It takes the first couple of shots. Pidgey stays focused despite the hits using its speed to gain momentum it catches the Mincinno off guard knocking it out of the tree.

JC sighs
" Dont hurt the thing ! Areo give me a gust, that should knock back."

Pidgey swoops arounda couple more times building up a strong gust knocking Mincinno down.

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