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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Name: Zetsu
Party: Skorupi
Currently: Searching Route 1 for pokemon.

Zetsu takes a quick glance at the surrounding area. foresty on both sides of the dirt path, with a 3 way split half way along the road, one of which being blocked by a "cuttable bush".

"Hmm according to the map, I should be heading west. but before that, I guess I should catch atleast 1 more pokemon to accompany me" He thought to himself, slowly making his way into the western side of the forest.

Name: Zetsu
Party: Skorupi
Currently: Searching for Pokemon
Official's Post:


You were searching for so long that you began to wonder whether or not Celestia was experiencing a post-apocalyptic breakdown - not a soul was to be seen on Route 1.

Well, other than one boy who spotted you from afar and strolled up to you.

"Hey, chump!" he yelled at you, blatantly sniffing the fact that you were a new trainer. "I just graduated from the Navi Town trainer school! Your Skorupi wouldn't make a scratch on my Pidgey!"
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