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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post


Zack took a deep breath.
"A trainer.."

He takes the flash light down out of her face.

"A spot of lucky I would say, Im Zack."

He takes a step forward taking out a poké ball.

"I'm Pokétographer ! Spinda here, is the subject of newest project!."

The shiny Spinda moves in close to check Sarah out.

"We were taking pictures when all of a sudden !BAMM! ghosts were all around us. It wasnt until we saw you that I realized they were just suppet..."
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"Wow, your Spinda is a weird colour," Sarah said, releasing her grip on Aster a little. "So you take photos of Pokemon? So do I, actually... but they're not very good... I'm keeping a log of my journey and trying to find out as much about Pokemon in their natural habitats as possible."

Aster jumped from her arms and greeted the Spinda cautiously.

"So what exactly are you working on, out here in the middle of the night?"
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