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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post

Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire | Mortull | QueenBee]
In Storage:
Currently: Bowled over by Dragonite and conversing with JC.

The Dragonite was incredible - truly a powerful and magnificent creature. Pleasant and I both shared the exact same astonishment as we were bowled over and knocked into the weeds behind us - the Shuppet was so frightened that he voluntarily went into his Poke Ball. I'd made a mental note to check up on him later. It'd take quite a large amount of scaring to send him back into the place he hated so much.

The trainer extends his hand out and offers to help me off of the floor. "Thanks," I told him as I hauled myself from the ground. "As they say, no use crying over spilled Poke Balls, right?"

My gaze extended to the Dragon-type once more. The beast itself must have been a symbol of the trainer's power - Dragonite only obeyed the most skilled of trainers.

"Is she yours?" I asked, extending a hand out to the Pokemon in an attempt to pet it - I paused with caution just in case it felt threatened. "And what about those Poke Balls? Are they yours too?"


The trainer smiled as he heard Eti's comment "As they say, no use crying over spilled Poke Balls, right?"

"Well my father would have wholeheartedly agreed with you. I can only say, I am sorry if you or any of your pokemon were hurt."

He bends down to make sure everything is there.
"Sadly this area is teaming with pokemon thieves ! Shady characters appearing once it gets dark... Oh I've gone off the subject. Yes! they are. Dont let anyone tell you running a gym is easy, as a gym leader you must defend your gym, while watching out for you community, setting an example and...staying focused on your abilities as both a trainer and a friend."

He looks into his bag.
" I came to Route 6 for this guy." He holds up a pokeball. Eti examines the strange see through pokeball.
"Scyther will make an excellent edition to my team ! Oh, where are my manors! I'm JC, Im from Aurora City." JC puts the scyther away, putting his hand out to shake Eti's.

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