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Default Re: Route 1

Originally Posted by ArceusTheCreator View Post
"Ah crap" PJ yelled as he tripped over a root on the ground
"JC you okay?" PJ yelled picking himself up.
Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Running from Route 2...Earthquake!
In party:


JC wipes himself down.
"An Earthquake !! Really.."

He looks over to PJ.
"Yeah, Im fine."

Chimchar and Pidgey stand on ground in front of them.
"you two okay ??"

The two look up nodding.
"This new adventure things is really not easy. We should check to make sure no pokemon got hurt."

JC walks down Route 1 looking for anything hurt.
Official's Post:

A message quickly flashes on your PokeGears.

*We would like to inform you that the WFL officials are not actually a 'cruel bunch'. We answer to our deity, the holy Random Number Generator, to narrate what occurs in our land. We apologise for any inconvenience.

JC quickly considers whether or not he should be wearing a tin hat, but disregards the idea as nonsense. You both continue onward through Route 1, heading back towards the path you were originally on. Hopefully the route was not too badly ravaged by the earthquake.

Route 1, in comparison, seemed relatively unscathed by the tremor - in fact, it looked much as you had left it. The scent of a new adventure still rushed through your nostrils. It was this that gave you the motivation to continue onwards.

Some of the wild Pokemon in the area rushed out of their natural hideaways to inspect the strange quake in the area. You both saw this as the perfect opportunity to catch some Pokemon.

You see a pair of them scurry out of a burrow in the ground. Now would be the great chance to engage in battle with them.

Wild Mincinno appeared!
~'Shaken' up
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