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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Route 2
In party:


"Will see.." JC says while lifting up his bag. He looks down at Chimchar nodding his head. Chimchar jumps up and starts to follow as they now head back onto route 2. As they walk across the Route. JC takes in the fresh air.
"Beautiful morning."
Originally Posted by ArceusTheCreator View Post
"I see what youre aying about the light and the trees now" PJ says marveling at the nature.
Official's Post:

Of course, the scenery is beautiful - Route 2 is renowned for the hot sun and the clear skies. The Chimchar appears to be loving this warm temperature, and you can't help but take big gulps of the fresh open air. You were sure of it - this is what it meant to be journeying.

Whilst the two of you contemplated the wild Pokemon that could possibly appear in the area, your feelings towards the creatures changed from one of excitement to that of concern. All around you were wild Pokemon fleeing from their homes - Makuhita rushed from their secret caverns, Aipom swung from tree to tree and several Spinarak scuttled away from their nests. What on earth could be causing such a commotion? Could the Pokemon sense something you could not?

Of course they could. Suddenly, the ground beneath you began to shake. 'It's an earthquake!', you thought to yourself, alarmed.

Quick! Hurry back to Route 1!
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