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Default Re: The Vertru Region (SU)

1.> Everyone starts out at the Pokemon Lab in Jos Port Town. You may be a trainer from Vertru or from another region, but you do not start out with your first Pokemon. You will instead choose one at the start of the RP in character. Starters will be chosen randomly for each starter type (Fire, Water, Grass), and two other Pokemon chosen at random, with the last of the six reserved for my character.
2.> One character per player. Max six characters total.
3.> No Godmodding.
4.> No bunnying without permission.
5.> Be active. You should be able to post at least once per five days max. If you are not able to, everyone may move on and force you to play catch-up.
6.> Romance is encouraged, but nothing beyond PG-13.
7.> You will not encounter Pokemon on your own. Instead, each area will have a list of Pokemon, and I will periodically roll dice to see what Pokemon appears. The trainers can decide among themselves in RP who will try to befriend that Pokemon, or the Pokemon might decide for itself based on interaction with trainers that help it out. However, things will work out so that parties remain even.
8.> Your Pokemon can have four moves to start, and they must be the lower level moves. As you travel and battle, you can learn more moves, with a max movepool of 6 moves.
9.> All PE2K Rules.
More rules will follow if needed.

1.> Robert Harmonia

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