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Default The Vertru Region (SU)

Four years after the fall of Ghestis and his faction of Team Plasma, N Harmonia went out and searched the world to better understand the bonds between Pokemon and trainers, and to find some way to help people form bonds with Pokemon without the need for Pokeball devices. During his travels, by chance or by fate, he found himself on a boat where he ran into Jessica White, Reshiram's trainer and the one who first made him question his beliefs of separating people and Pokemon.

The island they were headed to was a newly discovered region, off to the far east of Sinnoh. Accompanied by Max from Hoenn, Silver from Jhoto and Barry from Sinnoh, these trainers were the first to set foot on the new land and worked together to overcome the many new and unfamiliar obstacles.

After much discussion, the five trainers agreed to use this new region as an experiment: to see if humans and Pokemon could work together without Pokeballs, with a few obvious exceptions. From there, they started to find places that would make for suitable towns which would minimize the impact on the local wildlife.

Twenty years have passed since then, and the region of Vertru has flourished. Jessica and N married, bearing a son. Jessica White became the Professor of the Vertru region, while N, Barry, Max and Silver became the elite four of the region. However, peace always sees trouble. Team Rocket has reformed, under the combined leadership of Giovanni and Ghestis, and they have set their sights on the new region, seeing it as new and ripe for the taking.

As one of the new trainers of the region, you have woken up from your slumber, taking your voucher for a Pokemon partner and heading for the lab in. Pokeball use has diminished, though it still exists in the region. People tend to rely more on their natural bonds, and laws have been set up to prevent other people from capturing other people's Pokemon that do not have balls attached to them.

The Vertru Region

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