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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Originally Posted by CM View Post
Howdy hey, y'all!

Now this ain't an update for the game, sadly. I would rather not try to type something up as I explore Route 4, since really I doubt I'll type anything up. I haven't played since my last update, so I still have exploring to do. But that ain't the point here. I just want to make sure that those who are following things have seen my questions. I hope that at least a couple of you will be kind enough to give me feedback on this.

1) Should I continue to use sprites in my posts? Or should I got back to all text?

2) Would you consider, for example, Castelia City Sewers and Castelia City different areas, thus allowing me to catch a Pokemon in each? Or would it all be considered Castelia City so I'm only allowed on? I'm having this debate with myself about Desert Resort Entrance and Desert Resort since I can have access to it after Route 4, so opinions would be much appreciated.

I would really like feedback on these. As soon as I do I will get back to updating. I'm thinking maybe I'll update Thursdays or Fridays, maybe Saturdays. I'm not sure yet, but I would like to update once a week once I get back in a schedule. So as of right now my updates will be sparse, updating either when I have the time or when I feel like playing. Please comment with thoughts, either on my questions or the Nuzlocke in general. Comments fuel me to continue this, more than a lot of views. That's all I gotta say for now, and hopefully my next post here will be an update on my Nuzlocke Challenge.

Until next time folks!
1) Sprites give us a nice eye rest and it looks better imo. :3

2) I would think they're different places. Like the Moore of Icirrus.

Also, I love this Nuzlocke! You're doing a great job imo, so don;t worry about it! They're funny too. X3
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