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You call out your challenge to the Makuhita! The Pokemon immediately stops and turns to face you. "Maku!!" it cries, banging its fists against its chest.

It dashes toward Timmy, its right fist glowing. You're not sure what attack that is and you probably don't want to find out! Quick, give Timmy a command!

Wild Makuhita challenged you! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
"Tim quick teleport" the abra teleported behind the wild makuhita.
makuhita turned to attack the abra again this time quicker.The makuhita hit with a glowing red fist sending timmy tumbling across the ground."Timmy do something!" PJ yelled
The makuhita ran at the abra for a follow up attack ad just as it was about to hit,timmy's eyes flashed a purple color and the wold makuhita was seen convulsing."Psyschock....why didnt I think of that."PJ said
"Okay timmy shock him again" He said vehemently
The makuhita still on the ground convulsed again
"Alright! it's time"PJ said and threw his pokeball



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