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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post


As the group makes there way across the Route 6 they spot a bike laying in the grass. On further inspection they find a sake filled with pokeballs. In the background they can hear a whistle getting louder and louder.

Trainer: Eti Molo

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Currently: Catching up to Pleasant.

Pleasant wasn't gone for long until I could hear his screams.

"Eti! Eti, get over here quick!"

The cry sounded like one of genuine panic - unsure whether Pleasant was merely crying wolf, I decided to run as fast as I could through the overgrowth. When I finally caught up to the Shuppet, I caught him looking into the grass at something.

"You yelled in terror for this?" I said, pointing at the bike and sack on the ground.

"Not just that," he began, looking drained. "Can you hear that odd whistling noise?"

"Yeah, I can." Where was the noise coming from? Curiously, I knelt down onto the floor to inspect the sack - it was filled with a large number of Poke Balls. I take one from the bag and inspect it. On first glance there appeared to be nothing wrong with it - the cold metallic material and the same lightweight design all proved that this was just a regular Poke Ball.

"Be careful, Eti," Pleasant warned me, eyes locked cautiously onto the sphere. "Those things look suspicious."

"Oh, come on," I began. "We both know you hate Poke Balls. There is nothing wrong with these, right?"
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