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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Spotting Young Girl

A girl? Fine fine. Let's make our way to her.

"So, what are you doing out here?!" I questioned. She smiled creepily. "Hello? Why are you here?"
Official's Post:

Young Girl

"I think a better question is this: what are you doing out here?!" The young girl begins to glow and change shape. A gaseous purple shroud emanates from a spherical body - the girl was actually a Gastly. The Gastly screeches in your face before disappearing into the night.

You look back at where you travelled from. What? You don't remember walking that far.

The Gastly has beckoned you off of the path and has made you lost. 6 hours have been added to your travel time.
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