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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Curently Route 5
Tiny sends out Pigd
"Pigd use whrilwind and send him back here"
"Spookey come out hid your self"
Wolfe prepare to bite him in his bumcheck if he trys anything"
Official's Post:


You send your pesky bird over to do the dirty work and send the Thug flying back to you - oh, come on. Do you think a young Pokemon like that could conjure up a tornado big enough to hurl this behemoth? I think not. The thug charges through the tornado like a rock through a window. He slaps Pidg out of the way, causing it to become injured and unusable until you heal it at the next town or city. However, your Poochyena runs up to the thug and bites his rear, causing a flap of his trouser's clothing to rip off and making him scream.

"Yowch! Alright, alright! Have your stupid acorn!"

He hurls the ball back in your direction and takes off, trying to hide his embarrassment. Who knew such a tough guy could be such a wimp?

You should probably go look after your Pidegotto.
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