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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Spotting Eti

I continue walking the dirt path, when I conveniently see two bright glows. "Wonder what that is...Better go and find out." The glows explode into a blast of light and die out. "Was that a Pokemon evolving?" I questioned. I moved feet away from the scene. I then spotted an old pal (Who ditched me back on Route 5). "Eti?!"

He looked over at me.

"What was that light?" I then noticed a Swadloon and Hariyama standing next to him. "Did they...?"

He nodded. They had evolved.

"That's awesome!" I replied. Murkrow let a menacing grumble. He must feel terrible. I see a purple glob of something. I identified it as Ditto. I didn't ask questions. I then walked into the tall grass with my friend.
Official's Post:

Young Girl:

As you watch your friend dash away without you, you disappointingly kick the dust on the ground around you. Nothing ever goes your way. Your Pokemon were sick and you hadn't seen a single living thing other than your friend for hours. Could this day get any worse?


Huh? You swear you hear a voice call you from the side of the path.

"Corey. Come here, Corey." A young girl wearing an aqua blue dress calls from you from the side of the path. How does she know your name? Best go over to her and see what's up.
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