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Default Re: Route 6

Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Spotting Eti

I continue walking the dirt path, when I conveniently see two bright glows. "Wonder what that is...Better go and find out." The glows explode into a blast of light and die out. "Was that a Pokemon evolving?" I questioned. I moved feet away from the scene. I then spotted an old pal (Who ditched me back on Route 5). "Eti?!"

He looked over at me.

"What was that light?" I then noticed a Swadloon and Hariyama standing next to him. "Did they...?"

He nodded. They had evolved.

"That's awesome!" I replied. Murkrow let a menacing grumble. He must feel terrible. I see a purple glob of something. I identified it as Ditto. I didn't ask questions. I then walked into the tall grass with my friend.

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