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Default Re: Do your friends know you like Pokemon?

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
All my friends know. Basically, if you don't know I like Pokemon, you're not really my friend.
During my senior year of high school I brought in my old classic gameboy to play blue version during classes. I had my DS to play the other games during lunch or free periods. I convinced other kids to go dig out their old gameboys so we could battle or trade. It was cool to actually start something instead of be the reason something became uncool for once.

When I went to college (2011-2012) Any free time I had was spent in the lounge/common area. At first I would play Yu-Gi-Oh with the others, but then one day I brought in my DS. One of the other guys there asked me what I was playing. When I told him it was Pokemon Black he drove home, got his DS and White, and then we had a battle. After that, the other students brought in their copies of Pokemon. We had every generation going on in one room. It was so cool.

So yes, my friends know I play Pokemon.
I did something similar, a couple weeks ago lol. A friend and I would always play R/S/E on emulators for the iPod, but really wouldn't talk about it, outside of that. I've always been a casual fan, and I would scratch the surface of the games, but never really go on after beating the champion/catching the main legendary. We decided to find our DS's and get Black/White 2 with our two other friends, and battle every week in Chemistry. A few kids saw us, and now a good amount of people are playing pokemon in the halls. I even got my girlfriend into it. I'm the only one going as far as joining this forum, shiny hunting, IV breeding, and EV training, but it's cool that Pokémon isn't something that's getting us labelled in high school cx.
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