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Default Re: Do You Rememer The Feeling....

I was a deprived child. I got my first pokemon game when I was 8. Pokemon Ruby. All I have to do is picture certain images in my head and I get a wave of nostalgia :D things like the big sign they had for pokemon Sapphire out the front of my local game shop, the holiday I went on where I brought my gameboy and didn't stop playing, walking to the town north of Mauville with the contest hall, running into my house and sitting on the couch, not even taking my shoes off because I had just beat the elite four after playing in the car, the box for pokemon ruby, back when they were cardboard, not actual cases like the DS games. The nostalgia is overloading. Back then I didn't get what was happening. I would play by trial and error. I remember one save, I had a level 99 rayquaza, and was almost at level 100, then my little turd of a brother deleted the save file. I wanted to kill him and my parents did not understand why...

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