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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Entering Route 2
In party:


JC bends down to pick up the ball looking over at Chimchar.
"Why would it attack us like that...We should help PJ.."

JC looks up seeing the webs come around.
"This could be extremely dangerous ! Ashley get behind me!"

JC looks down at he pokeball and then back at the family above him. Another Pokeball loss would really hinder his ability to catch anything new, but taking the pokemon away from its family could make this path dangerous for other travelers. JC sighs looking at the ball.
"You are free.."
The Spinarak comes out. Looking at him.
"Please, in the furture dont just attack people, you could hurt someone..."
JC looks up.
"I have released your baby, now clear our path and dont harm any travelers that come by !Because if I find out that you have, I will come looking for you !"
The ball disappears.
JC smiles looking at Chimchar. Pidgey lets out a little yawn as it wakes up again. JC looks over at PJ.

*but in the show the ball can be reused ! with no way to really earn points this is a big loss ! oh well ill mark it down.*
Official's Post

You reluctantly release the Spinarak. Ariados looks surprised, it clearly expected a fight. The little green Pokemon looks back and forth between its mother and you. Eventually it scurries over to its mother.

"Aria!" Ariados clicks its fangs and uses Pin Missile to destroy the web. Looks like you're free to go. The Ariados and Spinarak return to their tree and you continue down the path.

Note: Yeah but they can't in the games so in this case we decided to go with that. Otherwise it would be too easy. You can get more points by having WiFi battles and entering contests! You can also find items on your journey. You'll be fine :)
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