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Official's Post (Judge Dredd and ArceusTheCreator)


A voice interrupts your bickering...

"Oh, look, some more newbies." A teenager is standing against a tree up ahead, watching you approach. "Let me guess, you're brand new, never had a battle in your life, ha! I knew it was a bad idea to hang out here, all I can find are weaklings." Felix sniffs arrogantly.

"I mean look at your Pokemon! That Chimchar wouldn't know how to fire up a stove and I bet that Abra can't even attack. Waste of my -"

The annoying young man suddenly freezes. Something small and green has dropped from the tree branch and landed on his head. "ARGH!" he screeches, trying to fling the thing off. He finally succeeds, flicking the Spinarak to the ground, and takes off running, bowling PJ over in the process. PJ falls backwards into the bushes by the side of the path.

"Spin! Spinarak," the bug chirps and races at JC. Looks like this one wants a fight!

Wild Spinarak appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
Spinarak challenged JC.
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