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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: On Route 1 Talking to PJ
In party:


JC looked over at PJ and snickered.
"I dont think just throwing a pokeball is going to work every time."

JC who is now carrying both Pidgey and Chimchar stops. He looks down at Chimchar who wants to battle. The Chimchar jumps down stretching its arms. Then i looks up nodding its head.

JC looks down.
"Lets start out with Taunt!"

The Chimchar moves close and starts to taunt the Meowth who seems to get pretty annoyed and changed in for the attack. Chimchar moves quickly staying away from the its scratch attack.

JC calls out from the side
"Keep letting it attack ! "

Chimchar keeps ducking and dodging until finally the Meowth seems to slow down for a bit.

"Now while its a tired fury swipes."

Chimchar lays in with fury swipes knocking it down. After it let outs a massive ember and JC throws his pokeball
Official's Post

Meowth disappears in a flash of red and the Pokeball rocks from side to side...


Shoot, it was so close too!

Meowth bursts from the ball, looking angrier than ever. In one swift move, it turns away and bounds off into the trees. Too bad...

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