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Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
Datsik had the old school style prior to his popularization due to his exposure on UKF in 2010. Datsik is also one of the better dubstep artists. Skrillex? Though I am not fond of the majority of his works, I am quite fond of the few dubstep tracks that he has released. People hate on the guy because it is "cool" to do so.

I am well versed in the history of electronic music, primarily house, electro, dubstep, and drum n bass. I listen to Bar9, Rusko, Caspa, etc. Don't lecture me on what old school, or tell me what is good.

Hardstyle? Really? You want real electronic music? The stuff that started it all, the style that began it? This. <That is what made your Hardstyle.
It's J-core thanks for trying though

Nice try though,that is hardstyle^

But he has some great stuff that is reminiscent of old school too.See below.

Skrillex bothers me because he calls himself a dj on more than one occassion when he doesnt use as turntable.To be a dj requires a turntable.



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