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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Talking to Danie

"A talking Murkrow? Ha ha, no way!" I said, afraid she'd try to birdnap Eclipse and send him to scientific dissection..."Yeah, he's sickly. Sometimes this happens. Oh well, just gotta do my best! Now, as for most bonded, I'll show you Volcano!" The little Cyndaquil introduces himself.
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Danie stares at the Cyndaquil. And then edges closer. She inhales the air it breathes, getting it into every crevice in her nasal cavity. She picks up Volcano and licks it hide thoroughly before swishing the saliva accumulated around her mouth.

"This Cyndaquil is far too strong for you!" she huffs, spitting out the aforementioned saliva. I'd give it away to one of those better trainers. The likes of you are only good for Pidgey and Rattata, nothing more!

She walks away, still huffing about your apparent bad connection with your starter. "Good day sir!"
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