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Originally Posted by Steak View Post

Trainer: Steak
Currently: PHANPYQUEST...?

haha ok what even is this supposed to be

you scan the paper with your shades.

"sees you steak"?
ok so...what sees steak? a mirror? no, a lucky mirror.

As a twig near you makes a loud snap, your flashlight begins to flicker. You know it won't be long before it flickers out.
You set your shades to NIGHT MODE. Why didn't you do that before?

nope nope no nope no no nope
Official's Post:

What's this? Is your flash-light's battery beginning to run dry? Who knows? Perhaps the rain is ruining its performance. Either way, you figure that the best way to survive is to try and get shelter to set up camp, and fast.

Where's a good place to camp?:

>Let's go to the forest
>Let's go into that cave carved into the giant rock
>Let's go by the lake

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