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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four
In District Four Floor

Caroline only managed to walk a few feet away from Kiseki until he suddenly grabbed her arm, bringing the blonde to turn around and look at Kiseki for only a second before he connected his lips with hers. Her eyes widened in shock from the sudden kiss, even when Kiseki pulled away after a few moments and gently placed both of his hands on her cheeks.

I wont leave you, Caroline. When we get into that arena, Ill do anything and everything to make sure you stay safe. Please, dont isolate yourself from everyone. I cant go back home without you. I wont. Kiseki said, Caroline clearly seeing the blush on Kiseki's cheeks as he rubbed his right thumb across her cheek, offering a smile. All we have to do is survive until help comes. I promise, Ill make sure that you go back home. Ill protect you.

Caroline couldn't help but smile, placing her hands up to Kiseki's where they rested on her cheeks and interlaced her fingers with his. She leaned in and connected her lips with Kiseki's this time, a small blush forming into her own cheeks as she took her one hand off of Kiseki's and placed it on Kiseki's cheek, breaking the kiss a few moments later to look at him.

"So we'll really pull through this together..." Caroline couldn't bring the smile off of her face even if she wanted to, connecting her lips with Kiseki's once again in a more passionate kiss, lightly wrapping her arms around his neck as she gently pulled him closer to her. After a few moments however the door opened that led to the hallway as Stefan walked in, the scene of Caroline and Kiseki kissing taking the young mentor completely off guard.

"Oh..." Stefan said, Caroline quickly breaking the kiss as she looked at Stefan.

"Stefan!" Caroline wined, bringing Stefan to chuckle.

"I didn't see anything. Carry on." Stefan said, walking to his room and closing the door. Caroline gave out a laugh, looking back over to Kiseki and connecting her lips with his again.

Ashley Mellark from District Twelve
Front Garden

Its okay. Im the one at fault, anyway. I should have said something so that I wouldnt alarm the two of you. Ichiru responded with a soft chuckle as the two locked eyes, Ichiru turning his gaze back up to the night sky as Ashley did the same. I didnt expect to see you out here, though. Burning some energy before bedtime?

"Jeremy gave Aria something that had sugar in it so she's really hyper right now." Ashley chuckled as Aria giggled, Ashley looking back over to Ichiru. "I didn't expect you to be here either. Maybe it's fate." Ashley joked, looking back up at the stars.

"Are those planes?" Aria asked as she pointed up to a small moving red and blue light soaring across the sky.

"Yeah. Probably a hovercraft that's really high up." Ashley responded, Aria sitting up and plucking out a few strands of grass from the ground.

"I want more cake uncle Jeremy gave me." Aria chuckled as Ashley sat up as well.

"So it was cake he gave you? What time was this?" Ashley asked.

"About... a half hour ago maybe." Ashley groaned from Aria's answer, laying back down next to Ichiru.

"You're going to be hyper for at least two hours now."

"I think uncle Jeremy planned that."

"That sounds about right." Ashley laughed, bringing Aria to laugh as well. Aria laid back down, though resting her head on Ichiru's ribs. Ashley glanced over and looked at the two with slight confusion, raising an eyebrow. "She's really comfortable around you. Aria isn't usually like this at first."

"I like Ichiru." Aria responded, bringing Ashley to smirk.

"He's okay I guess." Ashley teased, looking to Ichiru and gave him a smile.

Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve
Training Center

After finding out the training center would be remained open for a little more than an hour Jeremy decided to go down there and do some more training, placing on a pair of ruby red basketball shorts and a black t-shirt, the male tribute slipping on a pair of white socks and black sneakers. After taking the elevator down to the training center he found that he was actually alone with three Peacekeepers to watch over everything, the Peacekeepers giving Jeremy a nod as he walked over to the punching bags.

"How are you guys doing?" Jeremy asked, taking off his shirt and throwing it to the side as his muscular upper body was revealed, a black tattoo of a soaring crow instantly being seen on the left side of his muscular chest.

"Pretty good. Looks like you have this whole place to yourself right now." One of the Peacekeepers responded, bringing Jeremy to lightly laugh as he unwrapped the bandage from his hand where his wound was completely gone. He tossed it to the side and began to punch the punching bag repeatedly, throwing in a few kicks in there as well. His mind traveled to Amelia as he trained, though he didn't know why.
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