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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Battling Murkrow

Sarah turned to see a black blur coming straight for her. A flash of red burst from her bag and before she knew it, Aster was standing protectively in front of her, diverting the Murkrow's attention. The sight of her tired Pokemon still willing to defend her was enough to snap Sarah out of her panic. At the last second, Aster dodged the Murkrow's dive. The black bird shot into the air again and hovered menacingly.

"Thank you, Aster!" Sarah cried with relief. "Murkrow is a rare Pokemon, I would love to catch it! But the battle won't be easy..."

Murkrow dove again, heading straight for Aster. This time the attack connected. Aster was sent flying and Murkrow took to the air once more. Aster puffed heavily as he got back to his feet. He wouldn't be able to take another attack like that.

"We can't keep this up. Aster, use Leech Seed when it gets close enough!" Sarah cried.

Aster dodged Murkrow's second Wing Attack at the last second and shot three small seeds from his bulb. The seeds dropped into Murkrow's feathers and began to sprout, zapping the Pokemon's energy.

"Saur! Bulba!" Aster smiled as his energy began to increase.

The Murkrow seemed to panic for a moment, unable to stay airborne with the weight of the vines growing around its wings ruining its balance. It dropped to the ground and opened its mouth wide. A large purple ball of ghost energy began to form.

"Aster! Counter with Razor Leaf!" Sarah cried.

Murkrow's Shadow Ball and Aster's Razor Leaf collided in mid air. The leaves cut up the ghost attack, causing a large explosion. When the dust cleared, Murkrow was wincing on the ground, its energy being zapped, while Aster looked stronger.

"Now, hit it with Tackle!"

Aster dashed at Murkrow, who was unable to move fast enough to dodge. The attack sent Murkrow spinning backwards through the dust. The vines covering its body kept glowing, transferring the bird's energy to Aster.

"Let's do this! PokeBall, go!"
Official's Post:

The ball lands on the ground and begins to wiggle...1...2...
POP. Murkrow popped out! The Murkrow then flies away, mocking you...darn crows. I mean I love mine, but you know. Darn. D:
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