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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Checking on Murkrow and Flaaffy

"How you holding up Murkrow?"

"I'm a bit better. I hope I can make it until Aurora."

"If you can't make it through Route 6, I'll run you straight to Aurora. Promise."

"Thanks..." Murkrow cracked a smile.
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A young woman wearing a beret approaches. "Hello there," she calls, then stops when she notices you talking to Murkrow. "You there, you are speaking to a Pokemon?!" she says in some kind of accent.

"No no, that can't be right..." she answers herself, "Your Murkrow, it is sick, no?" she tuts. "Dear me, you should be taking better care of your Pokemon!" she shakes her head.

"I am Danie, a Pokemon Connoisseur... in training," she mumbles the last part so you can barely hear. "I would like to practice on you, if you please! Show me who is your best partner and I will judge your bond!" She sniffs confidently.
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