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Originally Posted by Steak View Post
Official's Post

Your outfit isn't the only thing that seems a bit worse for wear. Just look at Cenotaph!

"Wait, what's wrong with my Roggenrola?" You may be wondering indignantly.

Pokeathlete's foot.

Your Roggenrola has become sick! It can't be used in battle until you get it to a Pokemon Center!

Aww, come on.

All hope is not lost, however! Look at all this nature around you! You're sure you can find something to help poor little Cenotaph if you just look around for a bit...then again, the scenery is rather spooky. Do you really want to stray from the beaten path...?
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Sarah sighed, she now had three tired out Pokemon. She hoped the journey to Zenith Town would be uneventful.

Her journey has started out so well, but lately everything seemed to be going wrong. She grabbed the 3 Pokeballs from her bag. "You guys are relying on me," she said aloud. "I won't let you down. We'll be in Zenith Town soon and you'll all be feeling better in no time!" Sarah returned the Pokeballs to her bag and retrieved her camera.

I don't think there's much point searching for a cure when we're halfway to Zenith Town, she thought. Last time too many things went wrong. It's better too stay on the path.

As she continued walking, Sarah kept an eye out for wild Pokemon she could document for her journey log.

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