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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

I have two arguements against homosexuality:

1. Homosexuality is unnatural.

Some people seem to think that there is an ďessenceĒ of what a proper human being should be like as well as what our sexual organs should be used for. They believe that sexual organs should only be used for procreation.

First, it isnít clear why being unnatural is wrong. My hands werenít made for walking, so is it wrong for me to walk on my hands? No.

Second, I donít know why sexual organs should only be used for procreation. Perhas some people think thatís why God created sexual organs, but so what?

Third, homosexuality is found in nature. It is something that could fulfill a role, such as a homosexual who helps care for children of a family member rather than producing new children. This could give living offspring a better chance at survival rather than produce more offspring that might not have enough resources to live.
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