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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Suddenly waking up

I draw a huge breath and stretch. "Yawwwwwwwwnnn...What time is it?" I whimper groggily.

>Pokegear OPEN
>PASSWORD: *******
> Welcome, COREY.
>TIME is 3:13 AM
>Power OFF
>CLOSE Pokegear

"3:00AM? Why did I get up so early. Could it be...Murkrow?" I scuttle out of the tent to check on Eclipse and Statica, both in a deep slumber. I dipped my finger into the water. Still hot. "I guess it's just nothing..." The fire is dim. The night is quite, and the breeze gentle. The full moon shines brilliantly. It is the perfect night.


The noise jolts me out of my groggy being. "What was that? It sounded close." I look around, wary of the surroundings. It's definitely a Pokemon. It sounds as though it's trotting away. Could something be wrong? "Nah, it's nothing I suppose. *yawn*. I'd best craw back into the tent. Night everyone. Won't be long until morning. Rest easy." I lay in the blankets for a brief amount of time before I doze off back into unconsciousness.
Official's Post:

You feel at something tugging at your clothes as you fall asleep.

A wild Aron appeared!
~Wants to play

It must have snuck into your tent whilst you were foraging for food!
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