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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Yaooo peepuls, what's the word?

@Tsujin, yeah story hasn't really picked up yet from what i recall either, and i'm on my way to opelucid city i think, haven't picked up my ds in a while, got absorbed into another game, the remake of XCOM, XCOM:Enemy unknown, if you like turn based strategy games, you might like this one, but be warned, make sure your schedule is clear when you play this, I've been sucked into playing it for looong periods of time and not realized it until the sun comes up, it can get a little repetitive, and a lot of planning and strategy is needed or else the game gets extremely difficult, I've had to reload a few maps or save before my turn a bunch of times

anyhways, i hope everyone has a great weekend, mine is going to be a bit busy, but i hope to pop in every once in a while here
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