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Default Re: Route 4

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Entering Route 4

Sarah entered Route 4. It was just as dark as the previous route, if not more so. She noticed something gleaming by the side of the path and walked over to it. A strange little disc was lying on the ground.

"Hm, a TM... and this one is... Telekinesis?" Sarah placed the item in her bag.

It was getting quite late and a little bit chily. Sarah looked down at her ruined clothes and sighed. "Hopefully I can find something to change into in Zenith Town..."

Sarah entered Route 4 from Route 3.
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Your outfit isn't the only thing that seems a bit worse for wear. Just look at Cenotaph!

"Wait, what's wrong with my Roggenrola?" You may be wondering indignantly.

Pokeathlete's foot.

Your Roggenrola has become sick! It can't be used in battle until you get it to a Pokemon Center!

Aww, come on.

All hope is not lost, however! Look at all this nature around you! You're sure you can find something to help poor little Cenotaph if you just look around for a bit...then again, the scenery is rather spooky. Do you really want to stray from the beaten path...?
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