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Unhappy Re: Looking at past posts...

I have frequented the discussion forum ever since I was 16:

Okay, Lusankya, I know about all the crap that the Catholic Church has pulled. But, the way you make it sound, are you blaming modern day Catholics for something that happened over 500 years ago? I am afraid to inform you, but I highly doubt that any modern day Catholic lived back then don't you? So why must Catholics feel guilty about something they did not do?

Another thing! Your pointless arguments about how God doesn't exist or he does is in vain. You cannot disprove to prove that he exists. Now, you also say that religions are responsible for many of the backwards times in history and are definitely responsible for the Dark Ages. Hmm, but yet your pointless arguments aren't making any technological advancements are they? Are they curing cancer? Are they helping the economy? Are they doing anything but make you rack up an internet bill? The fact is, that while you blame religions for being backwards you are to blame too. Your argument proves nothing, it does not solve anything, it doesn't DO anything. Your argument is a waste of time that isn't helping humanity at all. As a matter of fact, it just makes us waste our time arguing amongst ourselves for the sake of argument.

The point is, your argument is the same thing you are blaming religions for doing. Your fight, atheists fight against religions in GENERAL, is not helping, it is putting us back to old times. You are making us waste time wondering on whether or not God is real when we could be using our magnificent minds for something else...
I was so naive, stupid, and ignorant. Holy carp. Not even a year later, I am a liberal atheist. Sorry Lus.
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