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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire | Mortull | QueenBee]
In Storage:
Currently: Battling Cherubi.

Corey and I were not talking for long until his Murkrow began to act strangely. Eclipse fell unconscious, causing Corey to scuttle out of the tent to tend to his sickness. I heard Corey mention the cold could be contagious - for this reason, I was worried about Pleasant. Perhaps that was the reason he disappeared? Too embarrassed to come to terms with being sick, perhaps?

I wandered out of the tent to look for Pleasant in the night-time. I could hear his cry from up ahead. "Eti, Eti!" it was calling. This sent my heart into a frenzy - I yelled at Corey about needing to go somewhere and being back soon and disappeared into the night.

I caught up to Pleasant by the rock I had mentioned to him earlier. "What's going on?" I asked him, concerned for his health.

"Haha, have you seen this thing?" He nodded towards a Pokemon sleeping by the side of the boulder. "It's so puny and vulnerable! I say we nab it."

"You woke me up for this?" I pointed at the pink thing. It looked like a couple of berries. The Cherubi continued to sleep, blissfully unaware of the conversation taking place.

"Please please please please please..."

"Alright, fine." I pulled out an empty Poke Ball in preparation. "Um, use Shadow Ball, or something."

"Oh man, this is going to be great." Pleasant got awfully close to the Cherubi, almost causing the Grass-type to stir awake. He then whipped up a ferocious ball of dark energy unlike any I had ever seen him produce from his mouth and fired it at the Cherubi with tons of force and little remorse. Upon collision, the Cherubi went flying. As it whizzed through the air it emitted a noise like a small bomb being dropped at high speeds.


"What have you done?!" I yelled at Pleasant.

"Just catch it before it lands," the Shuppet said, poking out its tongue.

Locking onto the flying Cherubi with my eyes I launched the Poke Ball as hard as I could.
Official's Post:

The ball wiggles...1...2...3...
PING! Cherubi was captured!
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