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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Spending the night with Eti

"Murkrow?! What happened? You were just fine and then...this!"

"Murkrow...I think w-whatever Statica h-has is cont-contagious. MURKCOUGH."

"Well Murkrow, do you want to get in your Pokeball NOW?"

"Murk...No. I can h-handle th- MURKCOUGH. I can h-handle th-this. Murk..."

"Hm..even being sick you're still a stubborn witty little thing. C'mon guys, I thought we could sleep in Eti's tent, but we don't want to get his Pokemon sick too. I'll set up a tent and make a fire. Murkrow, I'll boil some river water and when it cools down, you can relax until bedtime."

I successfully set up the tent, get out the Pokemon beds, and start boiling the water.

"Volcano, you get in bed, it's late for you. Murkrow will be fine. I've just gotta mush up some berries to keep him well until we reach Aurora..."

"Cynda...quil." Volcano crawls in the tent and gets in our bed.

"Now, to get some berries to mush up..." I frantically search in the woods. I could hear leaves crackling and limbs breaking. There was something out here. I hastily find some Pecha, Oran, and Sitrus berries. I rush back to the camp to discover Eti in battle. I sneak past Eti and start mushing up the berries. The water has boiled, and is now cooled enough.

"Murkrow, step in here. It'll keep you warm and the steam will help your sinuses. I'll start mushing up the berries."

"Th-thanks Corey. You're not a-all that bad. I'm l-luck to have a trainer who cares. MURCHOO."

"Bless you. Thanks, Eclipse. It means a lot. Now, eat this. It should make you feel better until we get to Aurora."

Murkrow slowly sips up the paste created by the berries. He seems to feel much better. He even falls asleep in the hot water!

"Feel better, Murkrow. The water should stay warm all night, so you can sleep out here for a while."

Corey returns to his tent and waits for Eti.
Official's Post:

You wait for your 'friend' in your tent, hoping to continue to 'spend the night' with him. You wait for what seems like hours and hours and still he hasn't returned. He hasn't jilted you...has he?

Nothing happens. Proceed.

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