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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Spending the night with Eti

"Okay Murkrow, stop trying to recite Team Rocket. You're with the good guys you know."

"Oh Murk, that's right. I see everything as bad...Including Your friends."

"You've JUST gotten to meet them Haven't you heard not to judge a book by it's cover?"

"That's Murking stupid...You ever heard of that guy who judged that guy and went to jail? Me neither."

"Urf, would it kill you to be nice? You'll like them in time. Kinda like an arranged marriage. I'm forcing you to do it. Now don;t be so pessimistic and rude."

"Rude?! How Murking dare you! I'm not rude. I'm just...opinionated."

"Eclipse, get a hold of reality! If you don't want to be deemed rude, don't act in such a manner."

"Murk...I guess you're right. Alright alright, I'll be nice. No promises it won't kill me."

Corey turns back to Eti.

"Sorry for my witty Murkrow. Anyways, beat your Dad on the first try? HAHAHAHAHAHA NO. Took me a few tries to actual K.O. that Xatu. But in the end, I did win, thanks to my 'opinionated' Eclipse. When you see your dad again, let him know I'm doing well!"

Eti smiled.

"Also, I'm heading to Route 6 as well! I also heard there were so neat things that way, some cool Pokemon worth catching. Are you heading to Nova Outpost after that?"
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