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Default EV Training Query

Before I begin properly with this tale, if this thread is in the wrong place, please please move it to where it belongs on this here forum. I'm useless on forums and finding out where to put things and whatnot.

So, to begin, today, I finally decided I was going to EV train a Pokémon. It only took me five years to decide I was going to do it. I eventually settled on Charmander (for a badass Charizard as the final product). Now, I know I can't get Solar Power Charmander, so I just decided to make the best of one with Blaze. I decided on the moveset Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Outrage and ThunderPunch (so a completely physical Charizard) with maxed out Attack and Speed stats. The Charmander (who I nicknamed Novus, for awesomeness), is an Impish nature. I'd have preferred Jolly or Adamant, but since Impish doesn't lower Attack, I was fine with it.

So I gave Charmander the moves he can learn at his current level, gave him Pokérus and the Macho Brace, and we set off to train on Route 1. According to my calculations, with every Patrat and Lillipup I defeat, I get 4 EV (1 EV normally, doubled by Pokérus and doubled again by Macho Brace). I have currently calculated that we have earned 136 EV points as of now. His attack is at 21. He's level 11. I decided to give him a bunch of Proteins after this, but I found that it wouldn't let me use them- "It won't have any effect". Does anybody know why this is? Am I just completely ignorant and have I glazed over something?

And most importantly, have I done it right for my first time ever EV training? Is there a fatal flaw anywhere?