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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Daniel and Samael
Human (Magus) and Jellicent
The Seventh Rose

"Definitely NOT weak company. If I was a gambling man, I'd bet she has mojo. Although, the fact that she's inciting fear, based on the way at least one of her tavern workers is freaking terrified of her and the brawler basically wet his pants upon eye contact, doesn't exactly narrow it down. Lots of things incite fear. I've heard of things that even feed on it."

"Ouch. So do you have a plan?"

"Yes. First off, I need you to exploit the generous tavern lady's offer and get two bottles of their highest proof drinks."

Samael looked confused,"I thought you wre positively sober all the time for some reason, and I can't drink alcohol, even a little bit. It's rather poisonous for Jellicent."

"Alcohol is rather useful for things besides drinking, you know. If someone has a nasty wound, you can disinfect with it. And if I need to use fire magic, I can use it to enhance its strength." Or if I need to transform. But Samael doesn't know I can do that.

"I thought you sucked at fire magic. Horribly." Which was true; I sucked at fire MAGIC. I could make fire as a Blaziken easily.

"Oh, I do. I can make a spark if you give a few seconds, and that's about it for combat speed fire magic. Obviously it wouldn't be very effective on it's own. The funny thing is, with fuel like alcohol, fire GROWS." I smiled.

"Point, I'll get them. One second." Samael floated away.

I, on the other hand, wanted to determine what the tavern lady was. The best way to do that would be to look her in eyes, but it's generally acknowledged to be stupid to deliberately expose yourself to hostile magic. So, did I want listen to what my curiosity was telling me to do, or what my every instinct was screaming at me not to do?

Screw it. You don't learn if you don't take a bit of risk. I walked up to the ladies, look the redheaded one straight in the eye, and said,"Um. Hi. Thanks for the drinks. How are you today, other than the fight happening, of course?" I was the absolute epitome of smoothness. No one can resist my charm after I go for it. The absolute pinnacle of finesse and sociability, that's me.

Me? Sarcasm? Never.

Action: An attempt to Charm the ladies (Charisma). And if Daniel can roll against the fear incitement, he has the feat Iron Will.
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