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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire | Mortull | QueenBee]
In Storage:
Currently: Finding treasure.

"What's this?" My small hands fingered the spherical object in the inky blackness. "Feels like a Poke Ball to me."

"It's a Luxury Ball." The Shuppet sighed. "What a pity."

"Why's that?" I asked Pleasant, stowing the ball in my pocket. "It's my favourite design!"

"Poke Balls are the worst invention ever spawned by humankind." Pleasant turned awfully glum. "If you really wanted us to be on your team so bad, all you had to do was ask."

"You hate Poke Balls?" I was shocked at this revelation. I thought all Pokemon loved them. "Why?"

"Look, it's bad enough having to live inside a possessed handkerchief, let alone a spherical prison in which I could be held for days on end."

"That makes sense. Look, how about I just never recall you. Sound good?"

"Sounds good to me!" The Ghost-type stuck its tongue out at me. "That said, that design would look pretty sweet on me."

"It sure would. It's a shame trainers can't switch which Poke Balls Pokemon come out of," I said.

"I know, right!" Pleasant agreed. "After all these years of technological advancement and we still can't change the places we live in. Ridiculous! Pokemon estate agents have probably gone mad!"

It was at that moment that I thought I'd never understand this crazy world I live in.

"Come on. Let's keep going further. I don't think anyone is going to come, so we may as well keep looking for the path."

"I agree. Let's go." Pleasant floated calmly beside me. He was even more close than usual.
Official's Post:

Eti starts off with Pleasant and the rest, and runs into a wild Pokemon, guarding it's territory!

Wild Aron appeared!
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