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Official's Post:

Joe sighed. "Nah, I haven't called the police. I don't have a PokeGear nor is there decent signal around here."

The man's story seemed dubious at best.

"Elijah, he was in Aurora City to challenge the gym leader. I told him that he'd probably get creamed with his Trubbish. The gym leader trains Ground types, y'see? Anyway, he got angry and stormed out. He never returned."

You found it odd that the man claims Elijah to have been kidnapped, but now the story has changed. How would he know Elijah was kidnapped if he didn't leave the house? you wondered.

Before you could interrogate the man, he shoves the photograph into your hand and rushes you and your Sunkern out of the hut, locking the door behind you.

You stare down at the picture. Looks like it is up to you to find this boy.

Sarah obtained Elijah's Photograph!

Now, where is Aster?
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Looking for Aster

"That was kind of weird," Sarah mumbled to the sleeping Reni. "I wonder if I offended him somehow..." She grabbed Reni's Pokeball and returned the Sunkern. "You should be better in no time, take a good rest."

Sarah placed the photo of Elijah into her bag and then made her way back through the forest towards the path, keeping an eye out for Aster. It had been much longer than the fifteen minutes she had suggested, she hoped the little Bulbasaur hadn't gotten into any trouble.

Eventually she reached the path that was Route 3. "Aster?" she called, but her Pokemon was no where to be seen. She frowned slightly and checked her watch. "I know..."

Sarah grabbed Cenotaph's Pokeball off her belt and released the Roggenrola. Cenotaph hopped happily from one foot to the other and then looked up at its trainer, hoping for some food. "Not right now, Ceno," Sarah said. "Professor Cedar was studying the evolution of Pokemon's senses," she recalled. "She said that Roggenrola had a great sense of hearing. Could you listen out for anything? We need to find Aster." Sarah instructed.

"Rola!" Cenotaph cried and began to focus.

Sarah waited anxiously as her Roggenrola searched for any hint of Aster.
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