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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

Whoo! Welcome to the PokeMafia, Char!

As for Seal's question, I'm catching a cold, but otherwise, I'm great--tomorrow's a minimum day thanks to it being the end of the quarter, and I'm going home with a friend to do Halloween stuff my parents would think I was crazy for wanting to do (graveyard walk, staying at a hotel that's supposed to be haunted...) so I dunno when I'll be popping back on after right before I leave for school tomorrow.

Haha, it took long enough to do my sprite, so I'll keep it, but thanks for the offer! ...I actually need to trade mine for her glasses edit. Also: let it be known that editing GIFs is tedious and rediculous. I tried editing an animated sprite in GIMP and once I hit trying to change hair color, GIMP flipped out on me. XD

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