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Default In DESPERATE need of a shiny Budew.

hiiiiii everyone. I don't know any of you personally, but I love you all, each and every one of you. You are all beautiful, wonderful unique individuals and you're all so cool.
I am posting cause I am in dire need of help. Help help help.See what I did there?
You see, I am looking for a shiny Budew. Have been since Pokemon Diamond, but given up on the request. Seeing as people generally like to be very condescending w/ me as I am a complete newbie trainer that doesn't care for IV, nature, etc.. the peeps on the forums I've been going on have been quickly shutting me out and ignoring my request. I just discovered this forum and I am hoping to find some nicer people.
Now that RNG abuse is possible - and the fact that hacking has always been possible - I didn't think it'd be hard to ask for such a simple request. So, this being said, I do not care if it is hacked. I just want a shiny Budew, preferably with the natural cure ability but I really won't be picky about a thing.
Here's another downside:
I don't have anything in return. I am looking for this Pokemon purely for enjoyment purposes - and if you really wanna know the reason, grey/purple bouquets look WAY cooler! - Yeah... There I said it.
This is just me hoping someone has a random Budew laying around, or someone doesn't mind RNG abusing a Budew for me, or someone doesn't mind just generally hacking a Pokemon. I don't think it would take long... And if I had the stuff to hack my Pokemon in I'd do it myself. But I'm really n00by when it comes to most anything about very advanced stuff w/ the Pokemon games. That's a different story.
Pleasepleasepleaseplease can someone get me a shiny Budew. :(