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Default Re: Route 4

Trainer: Minty
Party: Ralts, Minccino, Nincada, Shuppet, Munna
Currently: On Route 4

Minty picks up her Pokegear, and makes a call to her friend.
"Yep, I caught one of them for you..." She says over the Pokegear, "I'll send it over."
She puts down the Pokegear, and opens a strange setting. She places the Pokeball with her newly captured Murkrow beside the Pokegear, and a light radiates from it. For a second, the Pokeball disappears. When it reappears, it opens, and a Munna appears from the ball.
"Muh!" the Pokemon shouts.
Minty places her newly traded Munna back in its Pokeball, and continues to wander through Route 4.

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