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Default Re: Join Avenue Wynaut Club

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
It's not letting me back out to re choose...

The hot spot is draining like 1 percent per 2 minutes. Horrible.

If you don't have an spares, what are you giving me for the second and third? All Wynaut? I need you to clone enough of each unique Genesect for me to give out to people in the tournament. Please make sure we have a variety in there. I'll give you my spare Dream Radar Pokémon when we trade back to me.
well remember we are both going to be pass them out.

Also I gave you two Wynauts, one for Shaymin so make sure contact her/him. The other is for Typholosion explosion so set up a time to trade with him.

and yeah there will be a verity.

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