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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Is it too late to sign up?


History: Cobalt was born a regular ralts in the Valley years before firestorms attack.His mother and father were a gardevior and Gallade. He evolved into a kirlia sometime before the attack. On the night of the attack, his mother sensed an unknown presence in the valley as his father came home, informing them of the attack. His father lead him and his mother to a cave, and told them to hide in there, until he was found by a houndoom, mightyena and Gengar. Cobalt's father fought them off, but was overpowered and killed. The three pokemon looked in the cave trying to find what he was protecting, and found Cobalt, a kirlia at the time, and his mother. His mother tried to protect Cobalt and she was slain like his father. Cobalt screamed at the sight of this, and looked at his parents killers. Before he knew what was happening, the three killers bent over, clutching their heads as if something was eating away at their mind. Suddenly there was a boom, and the three pokemon were sent out of the cave, as the entrance collapsed, trapping Cobalt inside. Firestorms troops assumed Cobalt was killed but was alive, trapped for 3 days. A friend of Cobalts father (a machamp) was hidden during the attack, and saw Cobalts father killed. When it was safe for him to do so, he moved the rocks, and found Cobalts mother dead on the ground and a black Gallade. The experience that Cobalt had rushed his evolution. He had evolved into a gallade as he used the psychic attack on the three of firestorms troops, but due to the rushed evolution, Cobalt became black.

Cobalt knows Confusion, Close Combat, Psychic and Teleport, but when Cobalt attempts to use psychic, he looses control of it, and accidentally telekinetically destroys things around him. Because of this, he refrains from using Psychic and would rather use close combat or confusion. After being released from the cave, Cobalt fled from the Valley telling nobody of his plans.

Cobalt is a synical pokemon. He was scarred by witnessing his parents murder, and became a cold cruel pokemon driven by revenge. Cobalt will seem like a bad pokemon to those that don't know him but once people become his friend, he will become attached, loyal and kind to them. But since all of his friends were killed in the battle, Cobalt has no friends.


Cobalt used to be regular coloured, until the emotional turmoil changed him...

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