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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Minako
Pokemon in PC:
Currently: Battling wild Emolga

"Holy... WILD EMOLGA!!! SQUEEEE!!!!" Minako jumps for joy and squeals while her team covers their ears. "Ishiyama, this one's yours!" Ishiyama waddles in front of the Emolga.


"Use Power Gem!" Since Emolga was faster, it used Electro Ball and hit Ishiyama for some damage. Ishiyama threw the gems at the Emolga, causing it to stop flying. Emolga then tries to use Acrobatics on Ishiyama, but it only did little damage.

"One more Power Gem!" Emolga was too exhausted to move so Ishiyama hit it with one more Power Gem, this time, it knocked Emolga onto its back.

"Now's our chance! Go, Great Ball!" Minako said throwing the Great Ball at Emolga. The Great Ball sucked Emolga inside. The ball shook once, twice, 3 times and...
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