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Default Re: PE2K's Join Avenue (Wynuat Exchange)

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
Ok I'd like to join with my Black 2, although according to the guide we won't be able to get each other's NPC personas unless we trade over GTS. Maybe I'm reading this wrong? <~~Pic from the official guide.

PE2K User Name: bronislav84
Name/ign: Karaii
FC: 0863 1233 3241
GMT/Time your online to trsde: GMT-4 I think. Eastern Time, in the evenings is best for me.

BTW you misspelled Wynaut. That's the correct spelling in my post
Bron I just send you the five ways you can get peoples NPC

Communication of the C-Gear
Union Room
Global Terminal
Battle Subway

Also I will contact you later about the trade, welcome to our Join Avenue Group !

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