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Originally Posted by Popshakes View Post
NAME: Nicole "Nikki" Eelayo.

AGE/GENDER: 18/Female.

PERSONALITY: On the inside, Nikki is quite the timid character in comparison to her older brother, Damon. She doesn't show her true colors until she either warms up or has seen the said person too much to keep up her ruse - and even then Nikki doesn't usually break from her faux shell. She will purposely put on a false front to deceive her opponents rather than letting them see her for who she actually is on the inside - a timid character. On the outside Nikki acts as a pompous and sarcastic know-it-all who blemishes others with her usually deceiving knowledge (hardly is it ever true).

Once Nikki opens up to others however it's a whole other ball-game. She acts, more or less, to her true colors. Truly, Nikki is a sweet girl. Throughout her younger years she had undergone countless bullying, which overtime, forced her to create someone stronger. Someone who can take all the pain and drama. Thus her alter ego formed - the person she outlashes at those she does not know.

In battle, Nikki is usually seen on the sidelines, rather than on the battlefield, providing assistance. Sharp and quick-witted, Nikki is a tactical thinker. Unlike her sibling she fights with her speed and brains rather than her intimidation and brawns.

APPEARANCE: Nikki stands at 5'6'' with a slim waist and weight of 115 lbs. Naturally, she has pitch-black hair but due to her utter urge to be someone she isn't she has since dyed her once long locks platinum blonde - leaving her gorgeous black hair at the tips of her hair. Since her attitude adjustment she has since cut her hair into something more durable - into fine choppy locks that sit a little above her shoulders. Some people say she resembles her Jolteon (which, was purposely done). Her skin tone is creamy with light freckles about her skin and her emerald colored eyes compliment her soft complexion.

Her attire is quite spunky. Usually she's seen wearing an armless black vest with spiky, white ruffles around her neck. It stops mid-way down her body and has two yellow buttons on the right side. Underneath is a white, tight tube top that is tucked tightly under mid-thigh denim ash-grey shorts. Nikki also wears white tights on her legs and mid-calf solid-black boots with a yellow-outlined buckle on the toe of the boot.

HISTORY: (2+ paragraphs, complete sentences)

POKEMON LINK: Jolteon/Yellow.

ABILITIES: (The powers above Pokémon unlocks for your character)

NAME: Damon Eelayo.

AGE/GENDER: 20/Male.

PERSONALITY: (Complete sentences)

APPEARANCE: (Complete sentences; please note that their apparel will be altered upon entering the BATTLEGROUND. Each player will be suited up in Battle Armor based on their link; and yes, the Battle Armor will look like those glowy TRON uniforms [This RP is inspired by TRON]. The color it glows depends on the type of Pokémon you choose. Yellow for electric, orange for fire, ect.)

HISTORY: (2+ paragraphs, complete sentences)

POKEMON LINK: Manectric/Yellow.

ABILITIES: (The powers above Pokémon unlocks for your character)

Reserve please! This will be finished soon~! :D I like the concept a lot! Will this take place mostly in the "Tron-World" or will it also take place in the "Living World"?
Reserved! ^^

It will take place in the digital world of GLADIATOR ^^ (Although there will be somewhat of an overarching plot in the outside world ;) )

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