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Default Re: USA Presidential Election

A lot of people have a problem with Obamacare, when it's really the best, most logical situation. With Obamacare:

1) Everyone has health insurance
2) Insurance companies don't make a fortune from your money
3) The poverty-stricken sickly can go to doctors.

The only reason people don't like Obamacare is that they get to choose your doctors. I've yet to hear a logical argument from someone stating why Obamacare should be thrown out. Getting to choose doctors means that certain doctors can fix the issue you're having with less cost, and a mutual relationship between the payer and the insurance company.

Obamacare affects people like me, middle class, too much income for medicaid, but not enough income for insurance. That is the situation of the majority of the population. If you can't help everyone, then help the majority. If Romney is elected, it will RUIN the progress we've made. It will put the country right back in the situation we were in after Bush. I guess if people vote for Romney they'll learn the hard way.
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