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Cool Introductions

Hello everyone. I am Nightmane, the wolfmaster. I have taken an interest in dark type Pokemon. I love wolves for their awesomeness. My favorite Pokemon is a tie between Absol and Mightyena.

I came across this forums looking for a good place to hang out and talk. I am an avid roleplayer and a writer.

I enjoy Dragonball but I am not sure if that matters much. My favorite Dragonball character would be Goku (gt form). I also enjoy other animes, but Dragonball and Pokemon are my top two.

I think thats about all. I chose Nightmane because I am a boy, not a girl. From what I hear, mares are female horses. Please do not call me Nightmare, but Nightmane.

Hopefully, I get to meet everyone. Oh, and I am an artist as well. :)
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